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Autor: Cornel Stan

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Carmakers—men and women endowed with excellent imagination, creative power, perseverance, discipline, but also with passions, dreams and fears. They invent and develop the cars of the future, be they equipped with electric drive, with hydrogen fuel cells, with mixed engines or with turbojets as found in planes.
Two giants on the car market come forward with two of the most risky car concepts. The process through which these concepts emerge takes us through factories, institutes and airports, over mountains, islands and oceans-from Berlin, Paris and Detroit to San Francisco and Sydney. This road is impregnated with a maximum of tension, dynamism, intrigue and love.
"Books about cars there are many; but exciting literature? In the novel Carmakers, Professor Cornel Stan gives insider insights into the horsepower-led world of the vehicle industry."
(Source: Haiko Prengel,
"I would like to pour gas-pardon, alcohol and hydrogen-on the fire and fuel the current debate on the mobility of the future."
(Source: Cornel Stan,