Deco Heart-of-Gold

Deco Heart-of-Gold

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Autor: Aline Magalhaes

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Deco Heart-of-Gold is the English edition of Aline Magalhães's book Deco Coração-de-Ouro, illustrated by Wanderley Mayhé.
It is an amazing story about the importance of love in our lives. Aline Magalhães and Wanderley Mayhé join their creative forces to put forth a very attractive book, which will soon be made available in Spanish, Romanian, German, and other languages as well.
Deco Heart-of-Gold was a very, very rich boy with enough gold for a lifetime; but he did not have the greatest treasure of all... So he found a way to obtain the dream treasure and his search resulted in an exciting adventure.
A meaningful story for all ages.

Aline Magalhães was born in Salvador and graduated in Portuguese and English Languages and Literatures in her hometown before specializing in several areas connected to improvement and development of the human being.
The teacher has always been in love with children's literature. Storyteller and creator of children's adventure stories, she used to have weekly meetings with students and also with children from a humble orphanage in the city, in order to tell them the stories she invented.
Being also a mother, when she came home from work at night, she recounted her stories to her child.
After 10 years of creating and orally presenting her stories, she decided to write her first book in honor of her son.