Dorina: The Lady of the Great Changes

Dorina: The Lady of the Great Changes

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Autor: George Colpit

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Dorina: The Lady of the Great Changes by Romanian writer George Colpit, translated into English by Adriana Crăciun, is an action-and-adventure novel, full of surprises and a deep sense of humor. Here is a short excerpt:

"I told you are stupid. You disappoint me," she says rummaging in her bag.
The boss assistant checks the ice, pours into glasses, until Dominic tells him:
"Can you leave us alone, Sir? We can do your job. Thanks for your kindness, here's 500,000 lei, take it and disappear until we call you."
"Wait," Dorina says, "give one hundred to the security guards too, to leave us alone"? 
Then, the "Countess" stretches her legs on the table, in American style, and takes out of her bag a small ebony pipe. Its hallow part is pearly. She also takes out a dose of Dutch tobacco "Amphora" and another of "Mary Jane, the dream girl," her original nickname for marijuana. She stuffs the tobacco into the pipe hole, lights it, inhales hastily several times, and, trembling, sprinkles the hallucinogenic powder over the burning tobacco. She's ready for the ritual of inhaling ghosts.
"Okay, Domi, now we can talk quietly."
"Quietly my ass? Let me inhale too, I'm curious. I want to know what you feel, who I'm talking to, maybe you're another person now."
"You're still stupid. I told you, dear, if you're a businessperson, you must stay grounded; you must be clear-minded far from the vision of failure. I warn you. It's not a good idea? I'm doing it out of boredom."
"Why are you bored? You waste my money and you destroy yourself. What are you looking at?"
"You know bro'? Listen to me carefully. You'll become a beggar without me? now you're bragging with my money. You lost yours in casinos? well, come on, try it. It's fascinating, you feel like detaching from your numb body shape."
"I don't need it. I was joking. What are you looking at?"
"I'm looking at that table, next to that tree. Can you see a handsome, lonely man? I kiss you, I forgive you and I love you forever if you bring him to our table. Then you're free to have fun with the secretary on duty. Whose turn is it? Geanina's, brunette Laura's, or blonde Laura's?"
"Don't worry. We can do it in group if we want hard sex. Diogenes said: "You can find people whenever you want, but you can hardly find a man." I want to find a kind woman, to have a family. I'm tired of loneliness and of bitches?"
"Are you tired of me?"
"I'm tired of your airs, you make me sad."
"Don't be sad, bro'. You know my game. I'm not above the clouds. I beware of lightning. At your age of 32, your appearance and your money you shouldn't depend on illusions. Get married, but don't look for your wife at home at midnight, as you'll find her out. Look at me! Wee, I like floating, it's great. I was a genius when I told them my idea. I'm proud of myself. It's so comfortable for my fucking sweet as. What about you? Don't you feel anything? Man, listen to me, I come from the West, but nowhere did I see such a heavenly floating machine."
"You said you felt numbness. I also feel something pleasant, but comfort is completed by atmosphere, by talks, etc. You are under the influence of floating smoke."
"Stop; you get on my nerves with your obsession. Here's a hundred bucks, for assisting me. Go and get that guy. Hurry! He's about to leave."
"How do you know?"
"He arrived shortly after us and is having a hot beer which is almost over."
"Do you realize that he can consider me a gay, a strange guy? How can I go to his table to approach him without giving rise to questions?? Well, I can tell him that he seems familiar to me. There I go. I would do anything for my sis'."
Encouraged by his sister's kiss, Dominic takes a beer bottle in his hand and to a waiter's surprise, he gets to that man's table.
"Sir, I feel like I know you from somewhere, but until I realize who you are, can I sit at your table?"