Teodora and the Young King

Teodora and the Young King

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Author: Oana Noorani

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Oana Noorani’s imagination knows no limits: every page of this book will take you by surprise.

Creating a new, completely unexpected universe, the author turns all passions loose.

Love in all its aspects, longing, pride, despair, fury, hate lash everyone and everything around with the force of hurricanes and involve us—the readers—to the utmost degree.

A masterpiece of fantasy genre, this book will enlarge the horizons of your mind and soul letting you experience life in a space where all chains break down and creation is given full rein.



Oana Noorani is a bilingual writer of fantasy novels. She writes in both Romanian and English.

She has published two novels so far:

Lumiana și legea luminii în intuneric: Roman (Lumiana and the Law of the Light in the Dark: A Novel), ePublishers, 2015

Teodora and the Young King: A Fantasy Novel, ePublishers, 2018